Tool Academy Member Arrested — Can Someone Shut Down VH1 Please?

How many people need to be arrested before someone at VH1 is held accountable for their casting choices?  I realize that Jerry Springer desensitized us long ago, but I can’t remember any murder stories or arrests taking place after his show aired.  First VH1 casts an alleged murderer, and now a Tool Academy cast member is arrested for having sex with a 15-year-old girl.  By the way, I am leaving out a long list of other rap sheets, because I simply don’t have time to post it all.  Here’s the point though: when did VH1 become so morally depraved?  Remember the good old days of Behind the Music?  I’m all for trashy voyeurism, but I draw the line at murderers and pedophiles.   I could not find an applicable picture for this post because what kind of a picture speaks to statutory rape (don’t answer that)?  As a result, I have posted a picture of Rock Hudson and Doris Day, to remind us of our days of innocence.

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