Actress that Must Make Comeback: Yasmine Bleeth

During her Baywatch heyday, Yasmine Bleeth went toe-to-toe with Pamela Anderson, and proved that the prettiest brunette will always win-out over the prettiest blond.  Sure my hair color makes me biased, but I’m The Dishmaster and favoritism is allowed.  So what happened to Bleeth’s career?  At the height of her success, she suffered from cocaine addiction, which resulted in a rehab stay followed by an arrest, along with a much-publicized mug shot.  She later wrote an article for Glamour Magazine detailing her plight into cocaine addiction, but her career never seemed to recover.  That’s either because she did too much damage, or because most of the Baywatch babes had a short shelf-life.  But Bleeth’s recent Milk ad proves she’s still got it — so I’d like to officially submit my vote for Dancing With the Stars.  If anyone can use that reality show to resurrect their career, it’s her.

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