Damon Lindelof Is a Good Sport — Offers Angry ‘Lost’ Tweets

Damon Lindelof, one of the creators of Lost, recently proved that not only is he a good sport, but that Twitter serves a very constructive purpose. While accepting Lost’s TV Critics Association Award for Best Drama Series, Lindelof read his angriest tweets about the Lost ending. New York Magazine compiled the best ones, and I’m recycling it, because it’s just that good. I like a guy that has a sense of humor about himself. This isn’t the first time that Lindelof mentioned his detractors. He also discussed Howard Stern bashing the ending on his radio show, and said that while it’s difficult to hear someone you idolize bash your show, it’s also very exciting to hear someone you idolize mention your name at all. Read the twitter-hatred below.

• “Hey, douche! Instead of backpacking in Europe or whatever the fuck you’re doing, how about you give me six years of my life back?”
• “My very first tweet. I started this account just to let you know how disappointed I am in you.”
• “Has anyone accused you of being an emotional terrorist yet? And research these words: closure and actual explanations.”
• “You suck. Please don’t ruin Star Trek by ending it in Klingon purgatory.”
• “You’re a dirty liar. You never knew, you made it all up, you betrayed us all. You betrayed me and I hope you rot, motherfucker.”

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