Jon Favreau on Mel Gibson: “Hopefully Talent Wins Out”

Iron Man director Jon Favreau discussed Mel Gibson on Howard Stern, and he didn’t seem too disturbed by Gibson’s rants, saying he’s “not in a position to judge anyone.” He described Gibson’s descent as a “rough patch” and affirmed that he’s one of the most talented directors out there. Am I missing something? Does Gibson have incriminating tapes on Favreau that we don’t know about? Favreau’s main point was Gibson’s talent, and that it would be a shame if his personal life permanently ruins his career. But would it really be a shame? I don’t know about you, but the idea of Mel Gibson’s personal life tanking his career is fine by me. For some reason Hollywood consistently caters to douchebags, and justifies it by citing their “talent.” Sometimes mediocrity isn’t so bad, especially when it avoids giving paychecks to abusive Anti-Semites.

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