Blog Daily Roundup — Hello Sunday

  • Levi Johnston’s ex-girlfriend says the baby is not his and she feels sorry that Bristol Palin was dragged into this. Us Magazine
  • Chelsea Clinton got married to a nice Jewish boy. Jerusalem Post
  • Laurence Fishburne’s 19 year old daughter will star in a porn — because it might make her famous. The Superficial
  • Heidi Montag filed for divorce from Spencer Pratt. Popeater
  • Roseanne star Sara Gilbert came out of the closet. Allieiswired
  • Leonardo DiCaprio dropped out of Mel Gibson movie. Screen Rant
  • Inception star Tom Hardy says, “I’m an actor, of course I’ve had gay sex.” Huffington Post
  • George Clooney’s girlfriend implicated in cocaine scandal. Radar Online

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