Dina Lohan and Matt Lauer — Tales of an Enabler

Rumor has it that Dina Lohan is pissed off at Matt Lauer for the interview below, feeling that he was too tough on her.  While it’s true that I hate Matt Lauer’s judgmental interview style, I actually think he was too easy on Lohan, who consistently defends Lindsay on television, insisting that her spirits were fantastic in jail, and she’s doing great in rehab.  Wow, Lindsay must be quite the optimistic person.  Who knew that jail and rehab could be so enjoyable? I don’t understand why Dina Lohan does these interviews at all, considering they do nothing but hurt Lindsay’s reputation.  She comes across as an enabling liar, and isn’t press savvy in the least.  My advice for Lindsay is to get some help, do an un-paid Barbara Walters interview, and then go completely underground until she has another role.  Unlike all the other famous Hollywood partiers (i.e. Paris Hilton), Lohan actually got famous for a talent (well, a non-sex related talent).  So get back to it.

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