Halle Berry Loves to be Naked — Thanks for Sharing

Isn’t Halle Berry an actress?  After all, not everyone can say they played Catwoman on the big screen.  I can now add her to my list of desperate actresses that sexualize themselves to get attention in the entertainment industry.  The best part?  She has actually won an Oscar, which puts her on my shit-list hall of fame.  The source of my anger comes from a recent interview, when Berry confessed that “if the world didn’t persecute her,” she’d take “nude pictures of herself every day of the week.”  She claimed that doing so would be “empowering.” I hope that by “world,” she was referring to The Dishmaster, so let my persecution parade began.  First, I have absolutely no idea what question she was asked that warranted this voluntary revelation about how she’s a closet exhibitionist.  Here’s a list of the possible questions: “Halle, you’re so hot, would you be naked every minute of the day if you could?”; “Halle, why don’t you just get naked right now?”; and finally, “Halle, I often jerk-off when I think about your naked boobies in Swordfish, do you find that flattering?”  Maybe Halle Berry can take a vacation with Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, and Zoe Saldana — that would be quite the party (if you don’t get that reference, click on each of those names for the links).

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