How Kim Kardashian Stole Paris Hilton’s Life

While some might think that Kim Kardashian catapulted to the spotlight from her sex tape, the truth is that Paris Hilton is to blame.  The two were best friends, and because the papparazi were constantly photographing Paris, Kim got attention as a bystander.  When people started asking about Paris’ sidekick, it was revealed that Kardashian was actually the daughter of OJ Simpson’s lawyer, Robert Kardashian.  With the Kardashian name and the Paris friendship, she only needed one more thing to solidify her Hollywood status — a sex tape.  To this day, Kim says that the sex tape leaking was “humiliating.”  Despite her attestations, I’m convinced she planned the entire thing.  Why?  Because if you saw her sex tape (yes, I saw it), you might notice how well-lit it is.  That’s contrary to Paris Hilton, whose sex tape (yes, I saw that one too) is almost barely visible, indicating that it was never intended for the public to see.  When Kim told Howard Stern that she “learned a lot” from Paris, I wonder if she meant, “I learned how to properly light the room for a sex tape.”  But a sex tape isn’t the only thing Kim copied.  Paris used the media attention to land a reality show, The Simple Life, and immediately became a household name.  Like Paris, Kim also landed a reality show, only hers was a shrewder move, given that Kim’s show is not about how incompetent she is.  She instantly became more likable, and avoided the media scrutiny that Paris received about being “famous for nothing.”  On top of that, she makes uber-bucks off club promoting, which was also Paris’ territory.  Paris and Kim no longer speak, and according to Kim, Paris cut her off for reasons she has yet to understand, though she has hinted at Paris’ jealously.  My guess?  Paris feels used.  Sure there’s room for everyone, but Kim bascially carbon-copied Paris’ life.

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  1. i agree….i know friends who live around others just to steal your shine! they use you and dump you..then they act like you souldnt be mad or they dont understand….i wish i had paris number to talk bout this…..i UNDERSTAND why paris will feel used.

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