Howard Stern Tells Jerry Seinfeld He’ll Stay on the Radio

The only interesting thing about Jerry Seinfeld’s surprise call to Howard Stern’s radio show today, was Stern’s confession to Seinfeld that he’ll stay on the radio.  Though he did not say he’ll re-sign with Sirius, he admitted that he won’t retire, and he is fielding “other offers.”  The Stern/Seinfeld interview, was their first on-air exchange in over a decade because, as Seinfeld said, “you only go on Howard Stern when you’re on your way up, and when you’re on your way down.”  Unfortunately, Stern didn’t ask Jerry about their “feud,” which Stern thinks started when he made fun of Jerry’s May-December romance with Shoshanna Lonstein (who was a teenager at the time).  Jerry didn’t seem very in the mood to play though, so any mention of a past scuffle between them might have led to another decade of silent treatment.

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