Jewel’s In Memoriam Song — The Emmys’ Best Part

You wouldn’t think that the best part of the Emmy’s would be the In Memoriam section — but it was. For one of the first times in the history of the telecast, a live performance took place while the tribute was playing. Jewel sang The Shape of You, which is an unrecorded song that she wrote for a friend who died of cancer. I loved the performance, and it transformed the tribute into something a little more personal. My only complaint is the clapping from the audience while the pictures are flashing. It becomes a morbid competition as to who will be most remembered. I’m guessing the audience was previously informed not to clap, and some asshole seat-fillers didn’t listen. Actually, the seat-fillers probably listened, and the celebrities were likely the assholes. Anyways, listen to Jewel below. I love her.

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