John Mayer Slams the Word Slam — He’s my Hero

Amidst John Mayer’s war with the Huffington Post, I noticed something worth mentioning.  After using a clever analogy to attack HuffPo’s negligent “fact checking,” he gave them a title for their next post.  Here it is: “JOHN MAYER SLAMS HUFFPO: ” GO F**K YOURSELF!’”  I imagine that the Huffington Post would have actually used that title, had he not beat them to the punch.  I appreciate Mayer giving me an excuse to slam the word “slam,” because it’s a personal pet peeve.  Almost every celebrity tabloid uses it for their title, even if its completely arbitrary.  I conclude that unless “slam” is used in a sexual context, it should be abandoned altogether.  To prove my point, I’ve listed some recent tabloid titles below.

  • Actor Slams Fabricated Affair with Rimes. Popeater
  • Witherspoon Slams Simpson. Teen Hollywood
  • Kristin Chenoweth Slams Newsweek’s Homophobic Article. Just Jared
  • Boy George Slams Lady Gaga Over Cocaine Confession. Pop Crunch
  • Kelly Clarkson Slams Record Label on Stage. Digital Spy
  • Jennifer Aniston Slammed for Using R Word in Interview. New York Post
  • Taylor Momsen Slams Rihanna.  Teens Press

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