Kristin Bauer Admits She Starves Herself — I Love Her

True Blood’s Kristin Bauer admits that as long as she’s an actress, she’ll always be hungry. Finally! An actress confesses her anorexia, instead of the very annoying Jessica Biel who likes to pretend she eats burgers. If you’re gonna starve yourself, at least admit it to the rest of America that spends hours on the treadmill and can’t seem to duplicate celebrity bodies. (Alright, I don’t spend hours on the treadmill, but if I did, I imagine I still wouldn’t have an ass like Jessica Biel). She also explained that a key component to staying skinny is to avoid the craft services table. Personally, I’ve seen these disgusting craft services tables, and I think that dodging them is less about staying thin, and more about avoiding obesity. It’s as if the studio says, “Gee, let’s provide the most fattening, disgusting food, just to torture our actors.” Anyways, hats off to Kristin Bauer!

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