Remaking Television Shows — Is There Such a Thing?

I read an article that referenced 90210’s Matt Lanter making an appearance on True Blood, and I had to look him up because I never heard his name before.  I thought surely if he was on Beverly Hills 90210 I would have heard of him.  Did David Silver have a best friend other than Scott (if you don’t get that reference, you should be ashamed of yourself)?  Upon researching further, I realized that Matt Lanter is actually on the “remake” of Beverly Hills 90210, which is referred to as 90210 — and I became infuriated.  It’s bad enough that the CW butchered my favorite television show of all-time, but now they are confusing me on top of it? Second, there is no such thing as “remaking” a television show.  You might be able to “resurrect” it by bringing all the old characters back and continuing the storyline, but unlike a movie, you cannot copy an entire plot (which, in television, consists of a bazillion episodes).  Yes I realize that the “concept” involved a family from a small town moving to Los Angeles, but that is literally the only similarity.  How many shows have the same fish-out-of-water concept and don’t use the coveted 90210 title?  It’s a cheap way to get viewers, and if you’re gonna do it, at least make it quality.

One thought on “Remaking Television Shows — Is There Such a Thing?”

  1. In theory I agree with you but I know that I would fall for it for a show that I loved – for instance if they remade either Charles in Charge or Roseanne I would sit and watch an episode even if it had George lopez in it and was placed in an 8pm Friday time slot. (but maybe only 1 episode – and then afterwards I would be infuriated)

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