Montana Fishburne Gets Exactly What She Wants — Fame

Despite my incredible urge, I’m not going to comment on the mental capacity of Montana Fishburne, because I’m begrudgingly trying to stay positive.  Instead, I’ll pick on the mental capacity of Giuliana Rancic and E!, for the ridiculous interview below.  Does Giuliana hope to be an actual reporter, and she’s practicing on Montana Fishburne while she awaits her Barbara Walters promotion? If you remove all the bells and whistles (i.e. the Laurence Fishburne connection, along with the faux-serious interior decorating), you’ve just got an interview with a porn star.  Hey, I’ve got nothing against porn stars, but I just hope Rancic makes this a niche for herself, because she’s clearly got a talent.  Plus, who doesn’t want to hear what a porn star has to say?

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