Modern Family Promises Big, Gay, Wet Kiss — Is Ryan Murphy Happy?

Glee creator Ryan Murphy, recently complained that the gay characters on Modern Family don’t kiss on the show, calling it “archaic and and outdated.”  So what happened?  You guessed it — they are going to kiss.  Though Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan insists that the kiss has nothing to do with Murphy’s comments, I’m absolutely positive it is the exclusive reason for the choice.  I’m guessing that because Eric Stonestreet is straight in real life, he probably doesn’t feel comfortable consistently kissing his co-star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson.  As a result, the writers have yet to work it in to the script.  The problem with executing the gay kiss now, is that it becomes a “stunt,” which is exactly what Ryan Murphy said is ridiculous.  According to Murphy, it should be organically worked in to the scene.  Otherwise, it hearkens back to Melrose Place — remember Doug Savant’s highly promoted “first-gay-kiss on television?”  You would think times have changed — but apparently not.

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