Howard Stern Sticks-It to Sirius With Lots of August Vacations

Howard Stern is currently on a third week of vacation in the last month, and I smell a rat.  Either the man accrued a ton of vacation days just in time for his contract renegotiation, or he is making a ridiculous attempt to show Sirius his worth.  If Stern saw this post, I know he would call bull-shit, and probably tell me that Sirius is well-aware of his worth. I’d respond by telling him he’s an egomaniac, and not even $500 million dollars would quench is ego-stroking thirst.  So what’s the hold-up on his contract? If you listen to his radio show, you would hear him say that “no negotiation is taking place” at the moment.  Translation?  “I told Sirius my terms, and they have to meet them — I’m not negotiating.”  Though I’m unaware of his terms, I imagine he wants the following: more vacation time than he has now; the same or more money; and permission to start the show an hour later (7 am).  I’m also almost positive that he doesn’t want to get tied down to a multi-year contract again, and only wants to re-sign for one year, which is something I’m sure Sirius would reject.  Does this mean we will lose Stern forever?  No-fucking-way.  The man loves the sound of his own voice way too much for that.  Plus, I’m not sure what I would do without my daily Howard Stern radio show.  He cannot abandon his listeners, and I’m confident he won’t.

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