The Secret Behind Glee’s Success

There is a very specific reason that Glee is successful. The show made its stars, and not the other way around. Confused? Here’s my theory in a nutshell: Glee creator Ryan Murphy, cast a group of unknown talents.  He did his homework, instead of lazily casting famous actors to avoid risk.  Almost every hit show in television history started with unknown actors.  For example, did you ever hear of Jerry Seinfeld prior to Seinfeld? What about Ray Romano before Everybody Loves Ramond? Or Ted Danson before Cheers? How about Jennifer Aniston before Friends? Certainly there are some clear exceptions to my general rule.   The two main exceptions are Kelsey Grammer’s move from Cheers to Frasier, and Mary Tyler Moore’s move from Dick Van Dyke to Mary Tyler Moore.  But overall, recycling stars doesn’t work, and it’s unfortunately prevalent in today’s television world, which is flooded with creatively devoid executives that can’t be bothered to search for unknown talent.  I won’t mention the very famous stars on the recent, failed television shows.  Why?  Because I hope to one day get invited to celebrity shin-digs, and I can’t very well accomplish that if I bash A-listers.

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