Not Everyone in America is “The Next Susan Boyle”

There is a lot of Susan Boyle buzz surrounding Jackie Evancho, the very talented 10-year-old opera singer, that surprised the judges on America’s Got Talent. Is it just me, or is everyone and their mother (literally) now compared to Susan Boyle when they have a good voice? I feel the need to remind all these ridiculous journalists why Susan Boyle was such a sensation, so that I can put an end to these wrongful and annoying comparisons. When Boyle walked in, the judges pre-determined her talent based on her haggard appearance, and odd personality. So when she belted out one of the best performances in history, it was a big in-your-face, and a true representation of the “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” saying. Though a ten-year-old isn’t expected to sing opera, that hardly warrants a Boyle comparison. Surprise alone won’t do it. You need a little disrespect too. I’d list all of the other America’s Got Talent contestants that have been compared to Boyle, but there is far to many too name. See Evancho’s performance below. It’s worth watching.

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