Curvy Actresses — Who Are They? Part II

I’ve made it a personal mission to bring back the “curvy girls,” in Hollywood. Since I forgot some women in my first curvy actresses post, I’m doing another one. I imagine I have forgotten some this time around as well, so expect many more of these. Enjoy!

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara

Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss

Kristin Davis

Kate Winslet — My brother is madly in love with her, and often tells me that she’s so beautiful he cannot watch her films, because it saddens him that they will never date in real life. So Kate, call my brother.

Rose McGowan

Lindsay Lohan — yes she was an actress at one point in her life.

Jennifer Tilly — She doesn’t have to act another day in her life. She married and divorced Sam Simon, a creator of The Simpsons, and gets half of all his profit from the show. Translation? Millions and millions.

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