Rolling Stone ‘Mad Men’ Cover — Who’s the Insane Photographer?

Despite my lack of education in photography, I often fancy myself a shutterbug.  Why? Because my father’s a fantastic photographer and I consider myself genetically pre-destined.  Alright — enough ego-stroking — the Rolling Stone Mad Men cover is terrible.  There, I said it.  It’s almost as bad as the disgusting True Blood cover, but the lack of gore makes it a close second.  Almost every Mad Men press poster is classed-up, and this backseat shot makes the characters look as if they are about to have an orgy.  And what happened to Jon Hamm’s face?  One of the best-looking leading men in history, looks like he’s in some kind of wind-tunnel that’s blowing his face off.  It takes a keen eye to make Hamm look less than perfect.  Good job, guys.  Too see the cover, click here.

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