Edyta Sliwinska Quits Dancing With the Stars — Bye Bye Hot Dancers

First Karina Smirnoff, now Edyta?  Because I’m superficial, and I like my female professional dancers to emit the long-legged hotness that I can never match, Edyta was a personal favorite.  She’s quit the show due to a spat with producers, because they did not feature her husband, Alec Mazo, as much as she would have liked.  This feud does answer my plaguing question about what ever happened to Alec Mazo, who I figured just did not want to appear on the show.  After all, the man won the first season of Dancing With the Stars, so why wouldn’t the show keep him around?  The only thing I can think of, is that the producers no longer want their professional dancers to be in relationships, because they like when the press speculates that they are romantically involved with their celebrity dance partners.  That would also explain why Jonathan Roberts was fired, and his wife, Anna Trebunskaya, remains with the show.  Keeping the husbands away perpetuated the ruse that both Anna and Edyta are hot, single ladies.

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  1. Well I finally found the Edyta answer, thanks! My wife and daughter tasked me to go search find out what happened to her since I’m always poking fun at the show that since Edyta isn’t on anymore I have far less interest in watching.

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