Lindsay Lohan Takes Responsibility in Vanity Fair — Or Not

Lindsay Lohan starts off her Vanity Fair interview saying that she’s not “making excuses.” She then spends the rest of the interview making excuses.  Lohan claims that her partying days were akin to the college years that she never had, and she just happened to live those years in the public eye.  Apparently she was just “doing certain things that most people do ten times more of when they’re in college.” First of all, I am not sure what your college experience was like, but mine did not involve arrests, drug abuse, and multiple stints in rehab.  She also said that she would forgo clubbing altogether to get the respect back that she deserves, because clubbing “isn’t fun anyways.”  Perhaps she should have done this interview three months from now to add some credibility to her bold proclamations.  This reminds me of when Kirstie Alley told Oprah that she plans to start her own weight loss program, because she wants to lose all the weight she gained back after quitting Jenny Craig.  Yeah — I don’t need to tell you how that turned out.

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