Sam Wasson Insults ‘Knight & Day’ — I Strongly Disagree

Maureen Dowd of the New York Times, interviewed Sam Wasson, the writer of Fifth Avenue, 5 a.m., the New York Times bestseller that details the making of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  They discussed the death of the romantic comedy, and though they justifiably slayed The Bounty Hunter, they also cited Knight and Day as a creative failure.  Many of my readers know my love for Knight and Day.  The filmed failed at the box office, which was due to the horrible marketing campaign, instead of the quality.  I liken it to Charade, though the story was admittedly weaker.  But in the creatively inept Hollywood, aren’t romantic comedies just a scapegoat?  Almost every drama I see is just as bad, and sadly, most of them are painful remakes.  So perhaps Dowd and Wasson should take a step back and assess the real problem — which is that Hollywood’s status as a members-only club is worse than ever, with absolutely no effort to nurture new talent.  Plus, don’t insult Knight and Day.

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