Has Dancing With the Stars Helped Anyone’s Career?

Washed-up celebrities are always scratching at ABC’s door for a spot on Dancing With the Stars, in hopes that the insane ratings will give them a much needed career boost.  But reality shows very rarely propel a has-been back into the spotlight.  And for those looking for their first break in the industry, it’s almost impossible to start in reality television and move to a scripted show.  So have any of the contestants benefited from the exposure?  I’ve done my research, and the results are pretty pathetic.  Below is a list that I’ve compiled of the only contestants on DWTS who have managed to gain success once the show ended.  I would post every person whose career went nowhere, but here at The Dishmaster I try to avoid negativity.  Read below.

Brooke Burke is a personal favorite. She took over from Samantha Harris as co-host of DWTS, and I think she’s doing a great job.

Gilles Marini was the best choice in DWTS history. He was an unknown actor that appeared in the first Sex and the City film, and the show helped him gain further attention. No word yet on whether he’s been able to land acting gigs because of it, but he sure is nice to look at.

This Saved By the Bell alum gained hosting success after the show. Mario Lopez is currently hosting Extra, and has filled in for Larry King on CNN in the past. No return to acting though.

Stacy Keibler went from wrestler, to dancer, to “actress.” She appeared on the short-lived series, What About Brian, and she currently has another TV series in the works. We’ll see how it goes.

Many people think that Hannah Montana became a success because of Miley Cyrus. The truth is, the show didn’t become a smash hit until Billy Ray Cyrus discussed it while appearing on DWTS. So yes — you can blame Billy Ray Cyrus for all things Miley.

I already regret adding Chad Ochocinco to this list, but I’m too lazy to delete him. He has one of those terrible VH1 reality dating shows. I guess it’s better than nothing?

Chuck Wicks is a country music singer that surfaced on the pop culture radar after appearing on the show. He also dated his dancing partner, Julianne Hough, which certainly helped. Lucky for him, he was out for more radio play and album sales, and not an acting career.

Nicole Scherzinger already had success with the Pussycat Dolls when she appeared on DWTS. She’s rumored to be the new judge for the UK ‘X-Factor,’ which may or may not be a step up from her singing group.

I put Erin Andrews on this list because I respect that she wanted to be known for something positive, instead of the terrible stalker-incident. Good for her! Plus, she has a great personality.

Melissa Rycroft might be the only person in history that has turned a bad-breakup into an incredible career boost. She went from The Bachelor, to DWTS, to television host for Entertainment Tonight. That’s quite the corporate ladder.

John O’Hurley was a favorite of mine from Seinfeld. He also did a great job on DWTS, and was robbed of the trophy. He now hosts Family Feud, which is quite possibly the best job on the planet. Little hours, high pay.

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  1. mario lopez refuses to age! i am seriously interested in perusing a copy of his new cookbook. now that’s starpower of the suzanne somers variety.

  2. mario lopez refuses to age! i am seriously interested in perusing a copy of his new cookbook. now that’s starpower of the suzanne somers variety.

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