Whoopi Goldberg Might be Too Good for The View

I watch The View daily, and yesterday’s show painfully reminded me that it might be time for Whoopi to leave.  When Bachelor Jake Pavelka told her he was “star-struck” by her, she looked very unimpressed — and rightfully so.  Bachelor Jake is a giant douche, and I am sure Whoopi was fantasizing about polishing her Oscar while interviewing him.  She often discusses how she isn’t part of “social media” and how she avoids many of the television shows that are sadly part of our current pop-culture.  Although that’s precisely why I love her perspective, it also makes her slightly beyond the chat-fest.  When I saw the Real Housewives of DC on the show, I shed a little tear for the good old days of cinema and television, and I thought of Ghost and Sister Act.  I imagine Whoopi did too.

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