Teri Hatcher Posts Unflattering Pictures of Herself — Is This Necessary?

I know that her heart is in the right place, but celebrities everywhere should take note of this.  You don’t always have to answer your critics!  Especially when “answering” them, involves posting unflattering pictures of yourself to prove that you are sans-botox.  There is a certain level of mystery I’d like my celebrities to maintain, and if that means you are only photographed when you’re “camera-ready,” so be it.  Take it as a compliment that people think you’ve had work done.  You might notice that I only post pictures of celebrities looking their best, primarily because I’m pretty superficial, and unsightly photos would ruin my aesthetic.  Perhaps Teri Hatcher should take a note from The Dishmaster handbook the next time she wants to impulsively tweet.  On that note, if you’d like to see the photos in question, click here.  Further reading: John Cusack Proves that Celebrities Need to Get Off Twitter.

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