Tribute to Christina Hendricks — I Love Her

I’m admittedly not an avid Mad Men fan, but Christina Hendricks has been on my radar since her interview on Chelsea Lately, when Chelsea called her voluptuous, and Hendricks appeared annoyed.  Now, she’s learned to take it as a compliment, and represents all curvy-girls across America.  In an interview with Deadline, she furthered my affection for her, by saying that she would stay on Mad Men forever if she could, and has no desire to leave the show for films.  It’s refreshing to hear an an actress appreciate of the role that makes them famous, unlike every cast member of Grey’s Anatomy that has bashed their show in interviews.  It’s also refreshing to see a beautiful woman on television that isn’t either overweight, or an underweight stick-figure.  Here, you’ve got a sexy, humble actress that looks like a normal human being.

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