Underrated Actor of the Week — Andrew Lincoln

I chose Andrew Lincoln as this week’s underrated actor, because of his role in the much-liked film, Love Actually.  For some reason, this romantic comedy uniquely appeals to both men and women, for reasons I have yet to understand.  Truthfully, I never liked it much.  The ensemble cast made for little character development, and I simply didn’t buy any of the story-lines — except Andrew Lincoln’s.  He played a man in love with his best friend’s wife, and successfully managed to convince the audience otherwise for most of the film.  Though Hugh Grant was the main attraction going in to the theater, Lincoln stole the show.  In the midst of writing this post, I looked up Lincoln’s credits (which I probably should have done before I began — but my laziness is just veiled spontaneity, right?).  Lincoln is set to appear in AMC’s upcoming show, The Walking Dead, which I imagine will be a hit.  I guess he’s not so underrated after all.

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