Lea Michele is Too Skinny — What Happened?

I am on the fence about whether to post this. Is pointing out someone’s dramatic weight loss the same as pointing out their dramatic weight gain? I don’t have an answer — so here goes nothing. While looking at pictures of Lea Michele from the Teen Choice Awards, I noticed her alarming weight loss. I saw her first season of Glee, where she looked healthy, as if she actually ate food. Now, she’s almost unrecognizable. If you have read my previous posts, you know that I favor the curvy girls in the industry. That’s either because of my own “curves,” or because I have a lot of male friends, who always tell me that they don’t like super-skinny chicks, as they have no interest in “fu*king little boys.” When deciding whether to post about this, I asked myself what my mother would say, and I envisioned Lea Michele walking into my home, at which point my Jewish mother would immediately make her a home-cooked meal and say “you’re getting too thin!” If my mother would do it, I think it’s okay. To see a before picture of Lea Michele, look below.

Update: It occurred to me why Lea Michele dropped so much weight for the new season of Glee. She was told that she had to perform Britney Spears’ hit song (in a sports bra), Baby One More Time, and she freaked out and dropped a ton of weight. Not good. Watch the Britney trailer here.

3 thoughts on “Lea Michele is Too Skinny — What Happened?”

  1. What’s the difference in weight? 10 pounds? She’s slim in the first pic, too. You just can’t tell b/c of the dress. The muscular in her legs looks the same in both pics and she naturally has narrow hips.

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