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Angelina Jolie was voted one of the top 10 action heroes of all time, and she was the only woman to make the list.  There are many things in this world that I don’t know, but there are at least two things that I know for sure.  First, I could kick Jayden Smith’s ass.  And second, I could kick Angelina Jolie’s ass.  I took martial arts for a full month, and I often get winded walking up hills — but I stand firm in my assertion.  How do I know?  Well, Jayden Smith is a child, and Angelina Jolie is the size of a tooth pick.  Don’t action heroes have to have visible biceps (and miniature ones don’t count)?  You might be asking why I’ve even mentioned Jayden Smith in this post, considering its pretty irrelevant.  Well, I like to arbitrarily pick on little children.  Alright, perhaps I’m being too mean.  But just to drive home my point, I’ve attached a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who I like to call, the “last action hero” (pun intended).  I hope that clears things up.

One thought on “Angelina Jolie is an Action Hero? — I Could Take Her”

  1. Well, this is wildly spurious (or “particularized”) poll – a poll of 2000 Britons about their favorite action star – What is that?!.

    But I think Angelina made the list by sheer volume of films plus she is a woman who many men find to be hot. So it makes sense she is on the list. I can’t think of another actress who has done half as many popular action films.

    In my estimation – Uma, Lucy Liu, and Bridget Fonda (that one time) are all better candidates.

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