Affleck Says No One Cared About Phoenix — I Cared

Casey Affleck appeared on Jay Leno to once again admit that his Joaquin Phoenix documentary was fake, and proclaimed that at the time Phoenix was “in character,” Affleck never received any worried phone calls about Phoenix’s condition.  I’d like to officially debunk Affleck’s claim, seeing as how I have consistently said that Affleck was a jerk for making this movie, and that people should not make light of addiction.  It’s true that I never made a personal phone call to either Affleck or Phoenix, but that’s only because I don’t have their telephone numbers.  If they would like to give it to me in case this happens again, I can guarantee a personal phone call next time around.  I also specifically remember an interview with Reese Witherspoon, where they asked her if she was worried about Phoenix (who she starred with in Walk the Line), and Reese curiously dodged the question.  In hindsight, she probably knew it was fake, and therefore wiggled out of a response.  I also remember an interview with Joaquin Phoenix during his “condition,” where the interviewer was confused about why Casey Affleck was so excited about how horrible the interview went.  That interviewer also presumed it was a hoax, given that no one in their right mind would be excited about their friend’s demise.  I wish I could find these aforementioned interviews, but it’s a little difficult to Google “Casey Affleck is a douchebag” and come up with the results I’m looking for.  Just believe me when I tell you — the general public (that wasn’t “in on it”) was concerned, and Affleck is trying to assuage his guilt by now acting like he intended it to be a movie all along.  You tried to trick people — so own up.

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