American Idol Judges Announced — They’re Too Famous

I’m still confused about why Fox thinks Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are good ideas for American Idol judges.  The problem last season was that the show became too judge-centered, and the contestants were an afterthought.  The new panel will just further incite that issue.  It’s not possible to have Jennifer Lopez on the judging panel without her stealing the spotlight.  I still maintain that Tommy Mottola would be the better pick, along with a washed-up pop-star that was very famous in her day.  That’s why Paula Abdul worked.  She had the credibility necessary to judge, and she was no longer too famous to divert attention away from the contestants.  Plus, she was a lovable train-wreck, which always made for great entertainment.  None of this matters anyways, because Simon’s Cowell’s X-Factor will trounce American Idol regardless of the judges.  When he launched X-Factor in the UK, Pop Idol (the original hit-show) only lasted one year before getting canned.  I predict the same fate for American Idol.

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