Colin Quinn Makes it to Broadway — Congratulations

Colin Quinn has always been considered an underated talent in comedy circles.  Fortunately for Quinn, those circles include Jerry Seinfeld, who produced Quinn’s Off-Broadway one-man show, which has now moved to Broadway.  Seinfeld knew that network executives can’t spot talent, so he told Quinn to find another avenue to promote his act.  He was right, and the show moved to Broadway after receiving great reviews.  Seinfeld will be directing it.  The interesting thing about theater, is that all you need to make it on Broadway is money.  Unlike Hollywood, where the unfunny neanderthals in the creative division (who I like to call “creanderthals”) choose was makes it to your television screen, Broadway is dependent on investors from just about anywhere.  Have some rich friends that fancy themselves comedians? Perhaps you can have a show on Broadway too.  That’s not to say that this is a better avenue to foster talent, given that even Broadway is suffering from remake-syndrome.  Having said that, I’m very happy for Colin Quinn.  He deserves it.

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