Best Television Shows — Do the Actors Keep in Touch?

I’m always wondering whether the actors from my favorite television shows still remain in touch.  I’ve done my research, and compiled a list below.  Enjoy!


David Faustino revealed on Chelsea Lately that his Married With Children co-stars would be appearing in his new web series, Star-ving, because they really believed in the quality of the series. Though I’m sure his webisodes were good, something tells me that the continued friendship with his co-stars helped land their appearance. The revelation that they still keep in touch, made me yearn for the big-haired Peg Bundy. Married With Children might have been the first ‘Modern Family.’


John Goodman is a notorious curmudgeon in interviews. Not even James Lipton could break his guarded nature during Inside the Actors Studio. When asked on The View whether he keeps in touch with his Roseanne co-stars, he bluntly said no, and blamed it on himself. Judging from the picture above, they at least keep in touch at awards shows.


Wings was one of my favorite shows in television history. The two brothers are still on my hot-man list, and I luckily get my Tim Daly fix on Private Practice. I couldn’t help but wonder whether Tim Daly and Steven Weber keep in touch. The picture above was very recently taken, so I’m happy to report that they are still friends.


Every time John Stamos appears on Howard Stern’s radio show, Stern tells him to have sex with the Olsen twins. Stamos says he just couldn’t do it, but a small part of me thinks he might. The entire cast of Full House say they keep in touch, though I suspiciously have never seen a picture of the Olsen twins with any of them. But six out of eight isn’t bad.


Ian Ziering said in a recent interview, that he wanted to do a 90210 reunion, but The CW couldn’t make it happen. Apparently, the entire cast was willing to appear. In fact, at Jason Priestly’s wedding, many 90210 cast members showed up, including, Jennie Garth, Ian Ziering, Tiffani Thiessen and Tori Spelling.


There isn’t much need to answer whether the Seinfeld cast still talks, because they all appeared on a Curb Your Enthusiasm reunion show.


Jimmy Fallon tried and failed to get the Saved By The Bell cast to reunite on his show. He was forced to have a California Dreams reunion instead.  They later reunited for People Magazine, with the exception of Dustin Diamond, who wasn’t invited due to a ridiculous “tell-all” book about his fellow cast-mates.

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