Britney Spears’ Glee Episode — Who is Heather Morris?

On last night’s Britney/Brittany episode of Glee, I noticed the stand-out dance performance of Heather Morris, so I decided to look her up and find out her story.  I was shocked to discover that she’s actually a professional dancer, and she performed with Beyonce at the Grammys as one of her Single Ladies.  Considering there were only three Single Ladies in total (including Beyonce herself) that’s a pretty huge accomplishment.  Apparently, she got the role on Glee because Ryan Murphy asked her to teach the Single Ladies choreography to the Glee cast, and he liked her so much, he hired her for the show.  She’s been saying quirky one-liners ever since, while patiently waiting for her chance to strut her stuff.  Last night was her chance, and she certainly took advantage of it.  Overall, the episode was fantastic.  My only complaint was that the men sang Stronger instead of Oops I Did It Again, but you can’t have everything.  My favorite line in the episode was said by Heather Morris, when she touched a fellow student’s nappy hair and said, “it looks like a Jewish cloud.”  To watch Heather Morris perform single ladies with Beyonce at the Grammys, watch the video below.

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