Bruno Tonioli Won’t Apologize to Michael Bolton

Dancing With the Stars judge, Bruno Tonioli, told Michael Bolton that his dance was the worst “jive in the history of the show.”  The comment was so biting that even Len Goodman told Tonioli to “keep some opinions to himself.”  Bolton wasn’t pleased, and he demanded an apology.  The producers have come to Tonioli’s defense, saying, Bruno’s job is to give his “honest opinions.”  Here’s my question: is Bruno’s job also to be an asshole?  Perhaps he should do his own ballroom dance, considering that he has never danced ballroom in his life.  In fact, both he and Carrie Ann Inaba have absolutely zero ballroom experience, which leads me to believe they only got the job because everyone thought the show would be a dud, and those two were the best of the worst.  Furthermore, the essence of the show is to take regular people and make them dancers.  Of course they are going to struggle.  That doesn’t mean that you should throw tomatoes at them.

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