Casey Affleck Says Joaquin Phoenix Documentary Not a Hoax — Is he Lying or Evil?

In the judgmental world of The Dishmaster, when you record someone’s demise for profit, you’re evil. So if it’s true that Casey Affleck legitimately chronicled Joaquin Phoenix’s unraveling for I’m Still Here, then I feel sorry for Phoenix, who was taken advantage of by his brother-in-law. Personally, I think it’s a hoax, and not a funny one. Joaquin’s own brother, River Phoenix, died of a drug overdose, and Phoenix himself went to rehab for alcohol addiction. I therefore think both Affleck and Phoenix are irresponsible assholes for making this movie. Affleck wanted a hit film to give him a career boost, and Phoenix went along with it, because Affleck is married to Phoenix’s sister, and he presumably wanted to help out his brother-in-law. What a coincidence that Phoenix cleaned his act up after Affleck’s film was done shooting.  Further Reading: Casey Affleck is Shopping Around a Joaquin Phoenix Documentary — It’s Apparently Disturbing.