Welcome Back to The View — My Barbara Walters Tribute

Barbara Walters is back on The View, and no one is happier than me.  Growing up, I planned to be just like Babs.  I often find myself at Starbucks phrasing questions to my friends the way I think Barbara would, but for some reason I don’t get the same tearful disclosures that she does.  When I watch interviews today, I become infuriated at the horrible, judgmental interviewers (not to name names — but like Matt Lauer, for instance), and I yearn for the days when Walters interviewed everyone and their mother.  Lucky for me, I get my Barbara fill on The View, where she’s much like the Queen of England at a petting zoo.  She’s sadly been on hiatus due to heart surgery, and The View was noticeably different.  Ironically, her departure aged the show by about  thirty years, with the remaining hosts constantly discussing the gross effects of aging.  So welcome back Barbara.  It wasn’t the same without you.  Further Reading: When Did The View Become a Nursing Home?