Lifetime Puts the Kibosh on Tim Gunn’s Video Blogs

Someone needs to tell the folks over at Lifetime what makes for good television — because they don’t get it.  In one of Tim Gunn’s infamous video blogs, he revealed that he “promised Lifetime” that he would stop referring to the judges as “crack smokers.”  First of all, Lifetime should be begging Tim Gunn to continue bashing the judges, because it not only creates the controversy that feeds ratings, but it’s authentic.  He isn’t trying to be titillating; he’s merely pointing out the obvious — that the judges are insane this season.  Tim Gunn is a reality television rock star because, as Gunn says, he’s a “truth teller.”  Plus, he’s also a nice guy — imagine that.   So my advice to Lifetime is to have a nice, long talk with your producers, because they are obviously missing something.  If you’d like to see a sample of Tim Gunn’s truth telling, watch the video below, where Gunn tells the truth about Vogue’s Anna Wintour.  Even Miranda Priestly wouldn’t do what Wintour did.