Regina King — Here’s How the In Memoriam Works

Regina King fired off an angry letter to the Huffington Post, with so many complaints in it my head started to hurt halfway through.  Many of them were race related, stemming from an Emmy photo mix-up where Regina King was mistaken for Rutina Wesley, even though they look nothing alike.  At the end of the letter she complained about her friend, Sesame Street actress Alaina Reed, being left out of the tribute, and asked who decides who is and isn’t in the tribute.  Well, Regina, I’ll tell you.  It’s completely discretionary, and it’s often a heartbreaking task for the person that decides.  He gets calls from family members, requesting that someone be featured, and he is also notified via a list from the Academy.  Because not everyone can feasibly be featured, he has to pick and choose as he sees fit, and then notify the family shortly before the telecast.  I know this not only because I know how to use Google, but also because my good friend’s uncle was featured in last years In Memoriam.  Here’s my advice: humor works better than anger.  In fact, Rutina Wesley did a very good job of addressing this on Wendy Williams.  Perhaps you should take note.  Watch below.