Kim Kardashian’s Playboy Pictures Surface — But Isn’t She “Shy?”

Naked pictures of Kim Kardashian’s 2007 Playboy photo-shoot have surfaced, and Kardashian is allegedly unhappy. She apparently wants to “put this behind her,” and is embarrassed she did the shoot in the first place. Gee, this sounds awfully familiar. I heard the same speech about her sex tape, which she also regrets, though she’s never publicly admitted she released it. When she discussed the tape, she said it was “humiliating” because she’s actually very “shy.” Here’s what I know about myself. You’d have to pummel me over the head with a heavy object to get me into a room for a naked photo shoot. And, unlike Kardashian, I wouldn’t even call myself “shy.” If you are going to promote yourself with sex and nudity, then own it. Don’t take a fully naked photo-shoot, and then release quotes about what a mistake it was. Take a look at Kardashian’s naked pictures, and let me know if you think she’s “shy.”