Dean Sheremet Calls-Out Leann Rimes — He’s a Rock-Star

Dean Sheremet responded to Leann Rimes ridiculous interview with Shape magazine, where she rudely spoke on his behalf and said that they were both unsatisfied with their marriage.  It’s one thing to do a magazine interview and speak for yourself, it’s another to justify your infidelity by speaking on behalf of your partner.  I especially like Dean though, because he didn’t allow her to get away with it, telling Us Magazine that he was “content and satisfied” with their marriage, and that he was “blindsided and shocked that she of all people would do this to the closest person in her life.”  What’s particularly interesting about Rimes, is how awful she is handling this in the press.  There have been many respected, leading ladies that cheated on their significant others and remained unscathed in the press.  But not Rimes.  Instead, she unnecessarily flaunts her relationship on twitter, and does dishonest interviews.

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