Freida Pinto Wants to Avoid Hot-Girl Type Casting — Then Shows GQ Some Leg?

Freida Pinto tells GQ that she was afraid to be type-cast as the hot girl after Slumdog Millionaire.  Wow, that’s such an interesting confession, especially since she’s posing in a short leather skirt while leaning up against a radiator.  I wonder if that will help her get more “serious” roles.  If you’re an avid fan of The Dishmaster, you would know that I constantly pick on woman for their come-fuck-me poses in magazines.  I can already anticipate the backlash for this post, and as a pre-emptive strike, I’d encourage you to Google Freida Pinto, and you will see that almost every single article title that references this GQ interview, refers to her “sultry” photos.  I’m surprised she did an interview at all actually, since none of the quotes will be picked up by the press.  I’d also like to point you to the cover of the same magazine, where Ryan Reynolds is fully clothed, despite the fact that he has a very serious six-pack.  Do you think that the photographer asked Reynolds to also strip down, and he wisely said no?  Actually, if I’m being fair, Reynolds is pretty guilty, considering he often poses sans clothing on magazine covers.

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