Did You Know: George Clooney’s Ex-Wife is Married to John Slattery?

When I first read that John Slattery’s current wife was once married to George Clooney, I thought: “does the woman have a golden p***y!?  I apologize for the vulgar language, but hopefully my sneaking suspicion is correct, and my father doesn’t actually read my blog.  Anyways, Clooney and Balsam were married for three years.  When once asked about his divorce, Clooney said,

[Talia] was the girl I chased and was in love with, the girl I always wanted to marry. I was 28, and in Kentucky when you get to be that age, you’re supposed to get married, and you know exactly what the marriage should be like. I had this image of marriage. When ours didn’t exactly fit that image, I thought it didn’t work. I wasn’t very bright about it. We had to reconstruct our marriage a little bit, and I wasn’t willing to do that. I walked away. I could have been scared. Maybe I wasn’t ready to be married. It was my fault all the way down the line.

Talia, insists that they maintain a “cordial relationship.” In fact, the three of them are so cordial that George Clooney produced the show, K Street, which starred John Slattery, and Talia appeared in four episodes.  Now that’s some healthy ex-files.  Talia has since played Roger Sterling’s wife, Mona Sterling, on Mad Men.

3 thoughts on “Did You Know: George Clooney’s Ex-Wife is Married to John Slattery?”

  1. What am I missing here? This doesn’t make any sense..is there somethig you know about her actor husband who plays roger on mad men? If its golden, what does that have to.do.with.anything, this is her second.husband..so? The women.wasn’t married.10 times to billionaires, that I know of…so again your point is?

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