Celebrity Look-Alikes: Tony Curtis and Ray Liotta

I’ve learned a couple of things about Tony Curtis since his recent death.  First, I learned he’s Jamie Lee Curtis’ father (which I am embarrassed to admit I never knew).  Second, I learned that he bears a striking resemblance to Ray Liotta.  Sure I’m bad at the look-alike game, but I’ve Googled this one and at least three people on the internet agree.  That counts for something!  If you have never seen a Tony Curtis movie, I would encourage you to rent Some Like it Hot.

UPDATE: Roger Ebert wrote a very beautiful tribute to Tony Curtis on his website.  Here’s my favorite line: “The thing about Curtis was, here was a truly great star, a legend, who had a big libido but not a big ego.”

6 thoughts on “Celebrity Look-Alikes: Tony Curtis and Ray Liotta”

    1. Well Ray Liotta was adopted so it’s a great possibility. They are too alike for there to be not familial relationship!

  1. Ray Liotta should played Tony Curtis’ last role as tycoon Frank Phillips because Curtis had died or did he shot his scenes before he died?

  2. Im just watching a movie on tv with ray liotta in soon as i saw him i thought of tony curtis..man they look so much alike.

  3. Add to the mix, Dylan Neil of the Hallmark channel, Christmas she wrote. They all have some similarities that make us wonder if they are in fact related.

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