Movieline Attacks John Slattery — Back-Off!

I am an avid reader of Movieline, and I notice that they have recently shifted focus and become a bit of a high-school bully. First they called Jennifer Aniston “box-office poision,” which I proved in a previous post is unequivocally false. Now they have gratuitously attacked one of my favorite actors, John Slattery. In reference to Slattery’s new gig as the spokesperson for Ford Motor Company, Movieline said that it’s good for Slattery, but bad for Ford, since Slattery is only known for his unlikable character on Mad Men.  First of all, John Slattery is most known as the politician from Sex and the City (at least in my world, anyways).  I’d buy just about anything from someone that starred alongside my beloved Carrie Bradshaw.  Also, I ran into John Slattery at a bar in Los Angeles once, and he watched my belongings while I went to the restroom.  In Hollywood, that’s equivalent to saving a puppy from drowning in a river.  So yeah — I love him.

One thought on “Movieline Attacks John Slattery — Back-Off!”

  1. What is so unlikable aboutRoger Sterling?? Yes, he has his issues, but he is just so doggone charming-not to mention sexy!!

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