Did You Know: Jason Ritter is John Ritter’s Son?

I might be the dumbest Dishmaster in the world for not knowing this, but I seriously had no idea that Jason Ritter was John Ritter’s son, until Amy Yasbeck mentioned it on The View yesterday, while promoting her new book, With Love and Laughter.  I suppose I should have known given the last names, but I’ve seen Jason in many roles, and never placed the name with the face.  Jason is one of four of John Ritter’s children, three of which (including Jason) are from his first marriage to Nancy Morgan.  John had his youngest child, Stella, during his second marriage to Yasbeck, and he died when she was just five years old.  John Ritter is up there with John Candy as a celebrity death that I mourned like the loss of a personal family member.  I loved him.  This post provides a good opportunity for a funny John Ritter clip, from Pyramid.  Watch until the very end to hear his hilarious line.


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