Underrated Actress of the Week: Jean Louisa Kelly

I realize that Jean Louisa Kelly has had a very successful television career on the show, Yes, Dear, but I’ve chosen her as this week’s underrated actress because of her voice.  Perhaps I should have called it “underrated singer?”  Jean Louisa Kelly played Rowina Morgan in Mr. Holland’s Opus, and her voice blew me away.  Since then, she has not had any prominent singing roles, which surprises me.  You might also remember her as the bitch-with-a-heart in John Candy’s Uncle Buck.  She can now be seen in the ABC family series, Pretty Little Liars.  If only David E. Kelly was still making Ally McBeal, and Jean Louisa could sing at the bar downstairs.  Why is Glee the only television show that’s currently incorporating music?  Well, perhaps this post will give Ryan Murphy an idea for a new role.  To hear her sing, Someone to Watch Over Me, from Mr. Holland’s Opus, listen below.


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