Hottie of the Week: James Tupper

I noticed a very good-looking man on the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy, and I had to look him up, so I could add him to my desert-island-list.  He played Dr. Andrew Perkins.  So who is James Tupper, anyways?  His career-launching role was in Men in Trees, where he met his current girlfriend, Anne Heche.  Tupper also played a doctor on the short-lived NBC television series, Mercy.  Here’s hoping he has more than one episode on Grey’s Anatomy, because the man sure is yummy.  Oh yeah — did I also mention he’s a great actor?  But isn’t looks more important?  I confess — I’m a superficial Dishmaster.

2 thoughts on “Hottie of the Week: James Tupper”

  1. In my opinion he’s the best looking guy ever. I can’t get enough of him. Men In Trees was my favorite, he was deliciously hunky there and he’s such a great actor. I wish they did a show around him.

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