Jerry Seinfeld’s Famous Girlfriends on ‘Seinfeld’

Jerry Seinfeld’s recent appearance on Howard Stern had me nostalgic for the great days of television.  I started to think of his show, and I remembered the very funny episode with Teri Hatcher.  It then occurred to me just how many famous women guest-starred as one of Jerry’s girlfriends.  I’ve compiled a list for your enjoyment.

Teri Hatcher had the most memorable guest appearance on Seinfeld. The subject of her episode was whether her boobs were real or fake, and she closed her scene with the very famous line, “They’re real and they’re spectacular.” When recently asked about her guest-spot, Hatcher said, “now they’re just real.”

Kristin Davis appeared on Seinfeld as Jerry’s girlfriend Jenna. Jerry accidentally knocks her toothbrush in the toilet, and she uses it before he can tell her. When she finally finds out, she sticks something of Jerry’s in the toilet as retaliation, and refuses to tell him what it was.

Marcia Cross appeared on an episode called The Slicer. She played a dermatologist, which Jerry doesn’t consider a real medical field, as it doesn’t involve saving lives. He later realizes that, because Cross’s character screens people for skin cancer, she does in fact save lives. He then apologizes.

Christine Taylor will always have a special place in my heart as Melody Hanson from Hey Dude.  After Hey Dude, she played Jerry’s “too perfect” girlfriend, Ellen, who ultimately got dumped because Jerry’s parents liked her, which meant there was obviously something wrong with her.

I first noticed Amanda Peet on an underrated, short-lived show called Jack & Jill. Before that, she had numerous television guest-spots, which included a coveted appearance on Seinfeld. She played Lanette, Jerry’s high maintenance girlfriend that requires both Jerry and George to team up to create the perfect man who could handle her.

Courtney Cox pretends to be Jerry Seinfeld’s wife so that she can share in his 25% discount at the dry cleaners. He eventually cheats on her, and gives another woman the discount.  Men are such pigs, aren’t they?

Debra Messing appeared on one of the best Seinfeld episodes in history, entitled The Yada Yada. Enough said.

Jennifer Coolidge will forever be known as Stifler’s mom from American Pie, but her first credited acting gig was on Seinfeld, where she played a masseuse that Jerry eventually dumps because she refuses to give him a massage (but had no problem massaging Kramer).

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  1. I got a magazine when seinfeld was going off the air with a great picture with just about every girlfriend from the entire series. It must have been tough to get them all together at once, but it was a great photo. There, I just lost my comment virginity.

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